We work representing a large number of professional artists from different disciplines, such as photographers, sculptors or painters.

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   Here, you can see a sample of each artist's work. 
   Below you will find the artists by category, starting with sculpture, followed by painting, and ending with photography and digital arts. 

   Some of our artists express themselves through different disciplines, therefore, they appear in different categories.

    We hope you enjoy it!





Rosa Serra

Xavier Raventos




John Bacon

Ana Muñoz

Antonio Navas

Jaime Viciano

David Albert


Meritxell Jiménez 

Pilar Sagarra

Silvia Colomina


Consuelo Mencheta

Ismael Subirana

Teresa Orozco

Esteve Prat

Michele Vert-Nibet

Photography & Digital art


Ángel Burbano

Laura Len

Mireia Norberto

Valentín González