At Le Petit Atelier we have been working since 2007 in the promotion, dissemination and commercialization of the best contemporary art in all its disciplines, both nationally and internationally. Our extensive experience in the sector together with our own perception of the art scene allows us to carry out dozens of exhibitions and collaborations with artists or institutions per year. In addition, we participate annually in art fairs around the world. 


We understand art as the backbone of society, as a kind of hard work and excellence in the arts (mainly plastic) that allows both the individual and the whole, to possess, understand and share their authentic identity. For this reason, our commitment goes beyond the exhibition of the artists' art and our galleries try to be a point of social confluence where we can think, enjoy and share feelings and thoughts around the cultural scene. 


At Le Petit Atelier we have a professional team with long experience in the art sector, in charge of selecting creators

who show high artistic quality in their works and, above all, professionalism. The result of the sums of these shared synergies

make it possible to provide the best current art as well as show its evolution to the social and cultural fabric in each part

of the world where they are exhibited. We work side by side with and for art. 

Le Petit Atelier